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Name:Salad, a panfandom dressing room
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You know the story. You're going about your own business. Maybe you're hunting down the perfect watermelon or delivering the final blow to the (absolutely certain, you're positive this time) final boss, or maybe you're bleeding out in some dark alley or slipping into your pajamas after a long day. The usual, the usual.

And then suddenly you're not.

Maker's horsegirdling fudgemunch, not again.

Welcome to The Inn. You may not know how you got here, but you know why. This is a place of rest. Fun. You're here to relax and unwind...whether you want to or not. Maybe you're only here for a few hours, maybe you're in for a more permanent stay. Maybe you go back and forth like a cosmic ping-pong ball. The only thing you all have in common is that you have no real control over your position. You stay or you go and no one can explain how, but you all end up here at one point or another.

Might as well take in the sights, eh? Kick off your shoes! Enjoy yourself a little. Visit the beaches or the well-stocked bar; enjoy the exquisite meals prepared exactly to your taste or take over the kitchen and bake away your troubles, if that's more your thing. The home theater is top-notch and the walking paths are beautiful and quiet. The lounge is perfect for mingling, as is the courtyard, but when it comes time to rest remember you all have your own rooms within the sprawling, oddly-dimensioned inn. And if you're not much for the more peaceful pleasures, we have a few fighting pits and obstacle courses spread out around the grounds, for terrain variety, naturally, with a dojo and a firing range tucked away, oh, somewhere inside.

There is no discrimination against non-island-shaped individuals. Tall as a skyscraper or smaller than a sunflower seed, metal and wires or flesh and, well, more flesh, you'll find yourself comfortably accommodated indoors and out. How? Best not to think too much on it, really. Unless it makes you happy, of course.

That's really all that matters in the end. As you know, dear visitor, we just want you to be happy.


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